Online argument between Polakis and Karanikas over Akrita’s post

There’s a new feud within SYRIZA between Paul Polakis and Nikos Karanikas regarding Elena Akrita’s post about the Maréva Mitsotakis scandal, which caused backlash from the prime minister and his wife as they plan to take legal action.

Karanikas initially made subtle jabs at the SYRIZA MP without naming her, referring to the “misogyny of a woman” and criticizing the “political pretense of influence”, highlighting how easily political integrity can be compromised.

On the other hand, Polakis openly supported Akrita, offering to be a witness in her defense in court.

The feud under the post

In response to Karanikas’ post against Akrita, Polakis wrote in a comment: “Who is the misogynist, Nikos, and who is expressing it? I don’t get it!!! Please explain more!”

Karanikas responded by sharing a post by journalist Thanos Dimadis, which prompted Akrita’s statement, along with a post by the SYRIZA MP.

After Karanikas’ statement, Polakis replied again, questioning if highlighting Maréva Mitsotakis’ actions over the years through Akrita’s post qualifies as misogyny.

Karanikas then closed the dialogue by responding to Polakis, stating, “Just like I responded to Dimadis’s vulgarity with the same vulgarity. Are Maréva’s houses political? Is being a wife political?”

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