MRB Research: ND leads with over 20 percentage points, SYRIZA’s decline continues

According to the MRB research for December, the New Democracy party leads by over 20 percentage points from the second-ranking party, PASOK. The third position is held by SYRIZA, followed by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) in the fourth position. SYRIZA’s losses are directed towards ideologically similar parties, mainly PASOK and KKE. The “New Left” initiative, consisting of former SYRIZA members, gathers 2.1% of the voting intention (or 2.5% without the undecided vote).

Specifically, in terms of voting intention:

  • ND: 32.5%
  • PASOK: 12.2%
  • SYRIZA: 10.9%
  • KKE: 8.1%
  • Greek Solution: 5%
  • Greek Solution: 3.3%
  • Spartans: 3%
  • NIKI: 2.7%
  • MERA25: 2.2%
  • New Left: 2.1%

With the total calculation:

  • ND: 38.8%
  • PASOK: 14.6%
  • SYRIZA: 13%
  • KKE: 9.7%
  • Greek Solution: 6%
  • Greek Solution: 3.9%
  • Spartans: 3.6%
  • NIKI: 3.2%
  • MERA25: 2.6%
  • New Left: 2.5%

In terms of the approval of political leaders, the popularity of Prime Minister K. Mitsotakis stands at 39.7% following the victory of ND, while the leader of the Official Opposition, S. Kasselakis, is positively evaluated by 18.5% of the citizens, ranking fifth among political leaders.

In the question of suitability for prime minister, Mitsotakis leads with 36.2%, followed by N. Androulakis with 11%, and then S. Kasselakis and D. Koutsoumpas. The research reveals that inflation/price rises remain the primary concern for Greek citizens, followed by healthcare, unemployment, and education.

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