Hatzidakis on Easter bonus: There is no room for it on the visible horizon

“Eight months after the elections and after 10 privatizations we have done, seven billion euros entered the state coffers, which will be used to reduce public debt,” stated today on SKAI TV the Minister of National Economy and Finance Kostis Hatzidakis.

Referring to the sale of 27% of Piraeus Bank, the Minister spoke of a “global innovation, as on one hand we were seeking 1.350 trillion from the sale of its shares and an amount 8 times larger was offered, while on the other hand the share price closed at 3.98 euros on Friday at the Stock Exchange and we sold it at 4, even higher.”

“This development certifies the strong interest in Piraeus, in Greek banks because National Bank, Alpha, and Eurobank preceded which also performed very well, certifies though the investment interest in the Greek economy,” Mr. Hatzidakis mentioned.

When asked about the possibility of granting an Easter bonus, the Minister was negative. “We gave in January and February. There is no room for it on the visible horizon. Everything will depend on how things evolve in terms of budget execution, revenues, and expenses,” he stated.

Mr. Hatzidakis also mentioned that the economy has been improving since 2019.

“We have the third strongest growth rate in the European Union and this is what we must ensure,” he said.

Regarding the minimum wage, he stressed that its increase will be announced in a few days, emphasizing that since 2019, the minimum wage has increased by 20% and the average wage by 19%.

Regarding precision issues, the Minister expressed optimism that there will be de-escalation in the food sector as well, noting that “we have left the worst behind us.”

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